I.M.E [In My Element]

There are 118 confirmed elements that are known to exist in our world. Each is unique and distinct from the next.

The very existence of an individual different element is nature’s way of tutoring us to be the same.

We were created distinct and different and assimilar. That’s the original and intended framework.

I have come to realise that iam supposed to be ME. Not anything else but ME. I have been tasked by my DNA to exude ME.

It’s the same for you.

Existing in your element is simply a reality of synchronization between Heaven and Earth in a human.

Are you the Earthly expression of the record kept of you in Heaven? Are you dispensing the same agenda written of you in the library of Heaven.

The Lord Jesus was clear of the element He was made to be and he could output it by defining his role here on Earth…

“Pilate therefore said unto him, Art thou a king then? Jesus answered, Thou sayest that I am a king. TO THIS END WAS I BORN, AND FOR THIS CAUSE CAME I INTO THE WORLD, THAT I SHOULD BEAR WITNESS UNTO THE TRUTH.Every one that is of the truth heareth my voice” – John 18:37 KJV

Existing in your element clarifies your purpose and defines your destiny!

The Lord Jesus could only state explicitly with simplicity why He was here on Earth because He understood His distinctness and what He was.

Are you living in your element,are you YOU? This has everything to do with your gifts, talents, masteries; that which is accounted to you.

Dare to be able to say I’M E[In My Element]!

You dropped your cigarette!

“You dropped your cigarette on the roadway”, I said as I pointed him to it.

As I walked away, my mind ran across my spirit to try interpret what was now rushing up in me. 

Was that needful? Was I supposed to tell him so? What would have Jesus done in this situation? As I pondered obliviously on these questions, I found myself introspecting more than anything else.

My father used to smoke. I remember when at times, he would send us to go buy cigarettes from nearby shops. I reckon there is a lot you could say about such parenting. That’s however not the issue here, he liked a certain type of cigarette which was rich in menthol. It probably is the reason why I also like anything minty till now. Obviously when coming back, the kid in me, would put the cigarette in my mouth,just to taste the menthol, without lighting it up of course!

My dad was a “clean” smoker, after a smoke, he would take endearmints to freshen up his breath. This went on for years,until he suddenly quit smoking. When I asked him why he quit, he only said, he felt it was time to do so. I recall talking to my sister about it and she said that she had prayed and even fasted for him to quit. So talk about coincidences happening when we pray?!

Everyone has a “cigarette” that they smoke. It is that habit that we build up and have been mastering over a period of time. Life in itself is a habitual habit. Humans are creatures of habit, the habits we create and habits we pick up. Habits are neutral, we give them their positive or negative.

As I continued to ponder on the dropped cigarette and how I told the guy that he had lost his cigarette,i began also to focus on the heart of why we stick to habits.

Naturally humans crave to be systemic, it creates a subconscious safe-net of existence. It then reveals that actually, it’s really not about the habits we keep as much as it is about the underlying need that we desire to be met.

“All things were made by him; and without him was NOT ANY THING made that was made” – John 1:3 KJV

Everything that exist in nature and even from synthesis,was created by God. This means that EVERYTHING that exists on Earth finds its source back to God. In essence then, God created everything that we have in existence now. The departure from his creation is when what we create as a by-product from His provision becomes the point of perversion to lead us away from Him. The latter is the birthing of idolatry and for both the good and bad habits from repeated cycles based on the created, we displace God from His central place in our lives.

It’s not about the cigarette, alcohol, food, music,money, sex, pornography, stealing and any other vice of bad or good habit that exist. It has always been about what does that habit seek to replace!

I have been on this rediscovering phase. Striving to pinpoint why I like certain things, why I do things a certain way etc. I have discovered that behind everything there is always something! Things aren’t always what they seem! Strive not to be “surfacy”in life, always seek to see the deeper things.

Needless to point out, as I continued to ponder on this incident, I wrestled with whether I was right to inform him that he had lost his “bad habit”or I should have kept quiet. We are either helping people continue their habits or helping them stop them, regardless of whether it’s a good or bad habit. Just check where you stand in line with what you stand on.

“Take heed, brethren, lest there be in any of you an evil heart of UNBELIEF, in DEPARTING from the living God. But EXHORT one another DAILY, while it is called TODAY; lest any of you be HARDENED through the DECEITFULNESS of sin” – Hebrews 3:12-13 KJV

As a disciple of Jesus, the exhortation is that you encourage others to stay in and follow Him in every way away from anything that seeks to take away attention to a God who loves us!

We can put an end to all that keeps us away from Him by first turning back to Him consistently.

Right Keys, Wrong Doors.

There is enough literature on keys but few on doors. If you visit a bookstore, you are most likely to find books on solutions which represent keys more than books on realities which represent doors. I’m sure there is a justified reason for this, it’s just that my mind struggled to grasp why on a general we focus less on the doors.

Possessing a key is probably the most liberating and fulfilling phenomenon to experience. Just the reason that you hold the answer to a certain access can be unmatchable close to incomparable. It seems to me though, there is a greater chance to have the right keys on the wrong door than knowing the right doors but with the wrong keys. It could be partly because we are naturally inclined to equip ourselves from childhood to be able to face anything at the expense of actually choosing NOT to pass through certain doors.

Curriculum in schools and even in life are tailor made to make us be able to face everything that comes our way i.e. every key to unlock any door. Perhaps we should be taught more on the doors than on keys. The realities more than the solutions. It sounds weird and backward,i know. Could it be though that if we know more of the doors we would only acquire the right keys.

I had an interesting online conversation with a friend. It went something like this…

Me: Are you home?

Her: Yep

Me: Am at the door

Her: Lol. Wait. Lemme fetch my keys…

Me: Cool

And I waited……

I wasn’t at the door. It was a joke. I hoped for her to say, “I can’t see you, iam at the door and you are not there!”, then I would have said to her “you are at the wrong door”. Absent at her flat’s doorstep but present at her heart’s doorstep! Cheesy I know.

Could it be the same when the Lord Jesus says….”Behold i stand at the DOOR,and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me” – Revelation 3:20 KJV

1) Could it be that we expect Him to be at the doors that we are only familiar with hence we only limit Him to come through certain doors?                                     2) Could it be that when He knocks we are so consumed about having the right key to open the door because we always keep it locked?                                                   3) Could it be that we are so focused on keys that we are consumed about our own efforts to accessing what we know we need than to rest in Him who is able to open every door even without our keys?                                                                      4) We are focused on keys more because we are preoccupied with providing our security than to rest in His protection?
My thoughts always run across to grasp what God means, implies and instructs from His Word. It is this reason that realities get me to think and strive to comprehend and apply what he defines in His Word.

Rest in Him who has the keys to all doors but who would rather you focus on Him because you may have the right keys but the wrong doors or vice versa.

He is the door to the Sheep-pen, worry less on having the right keys when you have Him.

Tides and Turns.

As seasons change in your life, and they always do, you will require the ability to discern the difference [WISDOM] between your friends becoming enemies and your enemies becoming friends.

Do not also for a second think it strange or unfair, for life has to move. You will find those that were close becoming far and those that wete far becoming close.

What you SHALL require is the tenacity to not fight the change but rather to adapt appropriately to it. If you dont, you will frustrate yourself trying to hold onto things as they were rather embracing things as they are becoming.

Be alert and have a big heart.

It is well!

KISS the Son!

Once my restaurant manager asked me to write that days’ special on the display board. I saw it as an opportunity to display my “breath-taki ng” calligraphy with a touch of genius. At least so I thought.

After about a 20 minute bout trying to impress,I was done and he then popped by to view my “masterpiece”. I was disappointed by his response….

“Brad, rewrite it again and just make it simply visible”. 

Now imagine that! A touch of genius and he couldn’t even see it? Poor him and all the others who couldn’t pierce through artistry closer to Michelangelo!

Sounds familiar?

How many instances in your own life has that happened to you?Well, I’m sure yours wasn’t as embarrassing as mine but you can relate. I have found that many times than not we find ourselves doing something that we shouldn’t be in the guise of seizing opportunities. After all, they say,if opportunities don’t come your way, make them yourself! So any instance we get we want to maximise it. That’s noble only if it still focuses on the original assignment and meets the expected goal.

In a world with customers coming to us as in a restaurant, the most important thing is that they SEE what’s on special in our lives than HOW it’s packaged. We struggle with that a lot. The struggle to just be genuine. In that struggle we find ourselves in many disappointing and uncalled for situations.

I obviously didn’t like that incident with my manager but I learnt one thing. He asked me if I knew what K.I.S.S stood for and I said I didn’t.

K.I.S.S – Keep It Stupidly Simple!

I have carried that with me ever since. It was more of a re-affirmation of one of the values I hold, simplicity! I believe simplicity births clarity and clears the clutter in our lives, only if we let it.

It’s easy as human beings as kings and queens in our everyday domains to miss the plot and delve into that which is unprofitable under the guise of reigning! It’s no secret, humanity has been finding ways since the Garden of Eden to build a world like God’s just only without Him. It seems far-fetched but if we look closely into out own lives, we will find that there trinkets of that splinter.

Yahweh created you and me. He loved us dearly to give us domains to rule. Let’s not put our trust in our abilities rather let us embrace Him who gave us those very abilities.

We are kings and queens, indeed. Let us only remember to submit, serve and honor the KING of all kings in ALL we do and in everything that we do. Have intimacy with God and He will help you keep everything else in the right perspective.

Kiss the Son!

Black Hand Band.


I am not sure if it was pure convenience or just flippancy but I have always had a thing for hand bands.
Black Hand bands to be precise.
I also remember having times of resentments with friends and loved ones when they would buy me wristwatches. I would simply not wear not because they were not nice but simply because I was not into anything else except hand-bands.

Growing up,elastic bands, were either too numerous or too scarce. Whichever it was, that fuelled the invention of just stretching one of them and making them snap and then stick onto my hand. Until it came a time when it was dirty to keep on. At times it wasn’t because it would have become dirty but just that it would snap off on its own.

It’s amazing to me now how I learnt a lesson on that.

Recently I bought a simple black-hand band,very simple actually to be truthful. As always it was stuck on my hand wherever I go and whatever I did.
This particular day as I was taking a shower,it simply just loosed from my hand. Compared to the shimmering noise of the water showers hitting the floor,it made no sound at all.
As I stared on my hand counting my loss,it dawned on me.

It dawned on me how that is exactly the same way chains and any other bands that chain to us are broken.
Quietly and rather unspectacular!

That he might sanctify and cleanse it with the washing of water by the word” – Ephesians 5:26 KJV

This scripture came into mind.
I found it true how the water that was showering me and having an effect on the strength of my hand-band can be likened to how the Word can wash us from whatever chains us.

Let the showers of God’s Word constantly hit you and you will experience the breaking of bands that hold on to you.

For if you continue in His Word,the truth,it will make you free!
Keep bathing in His Word.

The 18th President in my Bible!


Tables turn swifter than we comprehend hope to come knocking on our doorsteps. At times the doorstep might just be the footstep from your elevated bed. Some times it could be a Peter standing at the real door whilst you have been praying for him to be released from prison, but then you shut the door on him as he appears knocking.
Or at times oblivion is just our normal reality.

I was down to my last $1 for the month. I never like to call myself ‘broke’, I prefer ‘out of cash’. It’s my console. So in an out-of-cash state, you start to think out-of-cash things like, how will I go to work, what will I eat over lunch, who should I borrow from,etc?! It’s amazing how mindsets shift because of money. Your questions begin to increase since when money runs low. It’s as if when you are feeling financially stable your questions tend to reduce.
Maybe it’s because ‘money answered all things’- Ecclesiastes 10:19 KJV
It just could be.

So the night before I had grabbed my hard copy Bible for my normal read. As I slept I put down my Bible on the floor, at peace but still mindful that I only had $1 left in my wallet.
As I woke up today doing up my bed, picking up my Bible, a familiar note popped out. You should have seen the grin on my face. I picked it up and literally stood still for about 5 minutes, my mind trying to recollect myself. Then recollection turned into gratitude to God. Precisely to Jehovah Jireh!

For me this seems a bit exaggerated to even be writing about this but I just so wanted to share my experience. The experience of how I found ‘The 18th U.S.A President in my Bible’, a $50 Note.
I do not even remember when I put this note in my Bible and why I did so. Better yet, maybe I never put it there, He did, I don’t know!

You could pick up your own points in this ‘absurd’ blog but here is what I want to share:-

1) God is in control.
2) He makes us forgetful of certain things to remind us at the right moment and in case we forget He always finds a way to remind us.
3) God is bigger than your ‘out-of-cash’ scenarios.
4) God loves you enough to provide for you, He is Jehovah Jireh!

That’s the story of how I found the 18th President in my Bible.
The End!

P.S – Take time to read your hardcopy Bible, you just might find something more than a $50 note of U.S Grant.

When was the last time?


Gathering thoughts and sharing the experience over a snack meal really dawned on me.
Recollecting the moments we had just walked through threw splinters of pain that hit my heart,somehow pain from realizing that I had become numb to what I should be sensitive to.

Kim was an attractive lady, she was having a fruity smoothie and I almost asked her for it but couldn’t. Approaching her was easy, maybe because of her attractiveness. Altogether easy though because I had my niece with me, so if for any instance she thought otherwise, being with another lady walking with me should have calmed her down.
So much for strategy.

Then Tafadzwa was simply hilarious. Made fun of my name to the extent that he wanted to see my I.D Card. I felt interrogated and even silly that some stranger could have that kind of influence on me.
Persecution really does come in many forms.

Out of all,Trish made us feel like we had really made a difference. At first my niece was just too giggly, which somehow made it less tense. Then I even remarked to her that I have a friend with her name as her surname☺

Taking count it was Kim,Trish and Tafadzwa. Three out of many.
A little out of uncountably many.
Our console, we had done our little little part.

When was the last time you went fishing?
When was the last time you told someone about Jesus?

It had started just as a real question with my friends just before the weekend and we asked each other that question. We all had the same passive-almost-feeling-condemned response. It hit us hard.
We decided to meet up and team up and walk around to whoever we could and share our faith.

It was hard,uncomfortable, weird yet freeing.
In all this as exciting as it was,it was a grief to grasp that this should be something we should be doing all the time and a lifestyle. I reckon it was compounded to be hard for we have had a long time off of it.
I was challenged again.

One thing I picked up from the experience:
“Sharing about Jesus will reflect your very deepest belief or lack of it in the God you say you love”.

If it’s Jesus you love, when was the last time you told someone about him?


The beauty and the Name,

The beauty of the Name,

The Name of His beauty,

The beauty that is His Name and the Name that is His beauty,

Inseparable, One!

Old open book with magic light and falling stars on wooden table

“Open my eyes that I may see the wonders that are in your Law”

 Psalm 119:18 [Aramic Bible in Plain English]

It is the existence of grandness on display for all, to be seen by these our lenses which are faulty by nature which despise that which is beautiful esteeming that which is pitiful. In spite of our gullible appetites, we propagate that in Him there is neither form nor comeliness and when we shall see Him there is no beauty that we should desire Him.

Yet it’s not that He is not beautiful, it is because we have an obsession with beauty that we beautify beauty itself creating unreal images, perversions of Genesis: Lucifer who became Satan.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder! I beg to differ, for beauty is not in how you see but beauty is what can be seen! So the question is can you see real beauty? Unmistakable, uncontested in its right league, no leaks, not half empty or half full but full. 4D, the four dimensions: the length, the breadth, the depth and height of His love: That is the true definition of beauty!

May we see that only Him is beautiful far above all that which is beautiful in our world and that He is Glorious above all that has glory!


We all got voids to fill, fears to faith, doubts to doubt, goliaths to sling, hurts to bear, frustrations to maneuver but above all else, a destiny to fight for! There has always been a land, a domain, called yours: A terrain and sphere that responds to your command only. A voice activated and heart coded pass entry, where your kingship will last till Earth is swallowed up into the supernova of creation. The land exists and it waits. It awaits the penetration of its appointed ruler, meanwhile it groans unoccupied and virgin. You can call it barren not by chance but by the consequence of humanity which takes pleasure in masturbation: the throwing away of seed meant for the womb that births purpose plus the flippant approach to life thus kings die as semen, ever learning but never able to come to the knowledge of truth!

Epic films where swords, gushing of blood, horses on chariots, footmen with shields depicting fierce battles, only try their best to inform us but they do so incompletely. Then again action packed movies where guns, grenades, lasers and nuclear bombs plot heroic tales only technocize reality at the expense of truthfulness. No wonder why we are so alert on uranium minerals in Iran, our craniums are stuck on how to constantly contain the pursuits of others’ intentions towards superiority, for our minds have been conditioned to think that power resides in being named a superpower. Television has been succeeding in telling the polluted vision of meditation on the wrong content not to mention in the wrong context. Inevitably we are left shortchanged with the sissified perverted theology of true warfare!

There is more to the story of warfare than what media feeds us! Forget about the deafening blasts of detonated bombs or the sharp sounds of swords fighting. Ignore with me for a minute, the fairplay of combat, the established rules of conflict and engagement, the Art of War by Sun Tzu, the Cow Horn Formation of Shaka Zulu or even the detailed strategized tactics of Air Forces and Navy. Would you set aside for a moment all you have you heard about W.A.R.F.A.R.E! For I dare say most if not all of what you have heard has relegated warfare to be out there but never inside here!

Please allow me to tell you that conflict has been your undeserved gift since birth. It has been the disagreement between your conscience and will, torn between left and right. Your enlisting in to the army was involuntary so your death is also inevitable. The diet you on was passed on from your forefathers. So your cravings are inherently explicit and you can’t quite figure out why it’s hard to detest the taste of the forbidden tastings that you tasted innocently. It’s hard to grasp why you can’t seem to resist the irresistible allure of pride, pleasure and possessions. And Linkin Park on “Breaking the habit” plays on repeat in your soul yet what keeps repeating are the bad habits without the breaking! That’s enough to tell you that naturally man is enslaved, entangled by civilian affairs!

Yet there exists a beast, a giant, a mammoth, a warrior within you. Though he sleeps….WARRIOR RISE UP!To war is to align your mindsets and paradigms to God’s Word through His help!

-Brad of SalTyLiteS-

Copyright 2015.